Let’s talk Voice – Coming Soon!  

Casting Workbook has been at the forefront of casting innovation for over two decades, whether it’s through our architecture or our service commitment; we continue to set industry standards for our clients. We have built one of the busiest breakdown services in the world.

Let’s talk Voice! We began integrating Voice into our system last year and rolled out much of the back-end features into our website and Self-Tape app. Building upon Casting Workbook’s powerful infrastructure, we are preparing to launch a full-service Voice product coming to you this October! It will come with everything you’ve come to expect from our full featured, multi-client service tied into our IOS and Android Apps together with several new exciting features.  We will also stay true to our brand promise keeping our pricing simple: no charge for casting directors or agents and no additional charge for actor members as they simply need to add their voice reels. For new voice-over ‘only’ actors, we introduced a special annual membership last year of $35 which will be unchanged.

Stay tuned for more Voice!

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