8 Brilliant Ways You Can Use The Ultimate Self-Tape App

Our new Ultimate Self-Tape App is a great resource when your agent sends you a self-tape audition request, but it can also have so many other uses! Within the app, create your own projects and select ‘Just-Me’ under ‘Agent(s)’. This way you can work on your scenes and materials all you want. Hone those skills before sharing with agents or Casting.

Here are some ways you can use The Ultimate Self-Tape App to help you become a better actor:

  1. Tape your auditions before you go to them. You don’t have to watch them back, but it’s a great way to practice your eye lines and get into the groove of being on camera.
  2. If you like to practice your audition with a coach beforehand, we suggest taping it. Then at any time, you have the added benefit of reviewing what you worked on.
  3. Looking to practice more in front of the camera but don’t have the time or money for a class? Get together with friends and do the work! Have everyone bring two copies of an old set of sides, and exchange them to work on something new. This is great even if it’s a role you might not normally get to read for. Tape your ‘auditions’ and watch them back for feedback and to learn from each other.
  4. Practice slating so you don’t look dead on camera. Slating is awkward, but using the app as a tool to work on your stance, voice, and demeanour is a great way to make yourself feel more comfortable. Look at how your energy changes and what a difference a smile can make.
  5. Complicated audition? Lots of action or weird movement required? Film it beforehand with The Ultimate Self-Tape App and check out how your props and wardrobe look on camera.
  6. Practice your editing skills with pre-recorded self-tapes (you can do this all within The Ultimate Self-Tape App by uploading clips from your camera roll), so you can see the value in a “moment before” and “moment after.” Casting Directors love when they have some wiggle room at the beginning and end of an audition.
  7. Try a “button” or a “choice” you might not have the opportunity to try in the room. Working on a physicality or an accent? Try rehearsing it in front of the camera and see how you can improve when you have actual footage to learn from.
  8. Make a demo. Looking for an agent but don’t have any on-camera material? Grab a friend (or coach) and two contrasting scenes. Film them using the app and edit them together (which can also be done using The Ultimate Self-Tape App). Voila! You now have materials to help pitch you. Already have an agent? This can be a great resource if you want to show them a different side of you.

If there’s any take away from this, it’s to remember that acting is about playing! Use our Ultimate Self-Tape App for more than just work. If you got into acting because you love to be different people and experience outlandish stories, than do that! You don’t have to wait for a job to play and have fun.

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