2016 Holiday Gift Ideas for any Industry Professional


Well, what do you know! Another holiday season upon us! Before we get to the eggnog, to the turkey and to the parties, we have to ask ourselves the age-old question: What the %%&** do we get the people in our lives? Thankfully, Casting Workbook has some holiday gift ideas, perfect for all of the industry professionals in your life, from actors and talent agents to producers, casting directors and associates! What would you do without us?


This one’s a given! Give the actor in your life the industry connections they need with 3GB of media storage for photos, resumes, demo reels and audition tapes! They’ll also get audition notifications, casting notices, access to sides for practice purposes, a free download of The Ultimate Self-Tape App, and so much more! For more info, head to: https://www.castingworkbook.com or give us a call: 1-877-794-CAST.


Heaven knows that keeping track of meetings, auditions, classes and deadlines can be a challenge! Sure, everyone has a phone with a calendar, but going through a fun day planner, one with a bright design, well thought-out pages and offering bits of wisdom here and there, is bound to make their day!


Whether your budget is big enough to cover season tickets to their favourite theatre in town, or if you prefer getting them a pair of tickets to an upcoming production everyone is already talking about, actors and other industry professionals love seeing the work being put up in their area. Hey, you might even get a present out of it yourself if they decide to take you along!


Actors who record self-tapes with The Ultimate Self-Tape App need a reliable tripod to set their phone or tablet on while they self-tape. Gifting them a tripod, with an attachable device clip, is setting them up for self-tape success!


Give your industry professional something that will brighten their office! Buying for an actor? Think of it this way: They too are running their own business! Offering fun stationery items, like quirky Post-Its, notepads and pens they wouldn’t normally splurge on, is always fool-proof.


Any actor knows that getting to and from auditions can sometimes be a nightmare. A costly one at that. Does your actor have a car? Offer them a gift card from a well-known gas station. Do they take transit? A monthly pass definitely won’t go unnoticed! Even Uber offers gift cards!


Actors need headshots, we know that! If your actor has had the same headshots for a while, it might be a great idea to offer them a gift certificate for a session with a professional headshot photographer located in their area. Do your research before contacting photographers though! You’ll want someone who specializes in working with actors and who already has an extensive portfolio. Buying for an industry professional? They’ll need headshots too! Help them keep their LinkedIn profile and website looking fabulous. If the person you’re buying for has updated their headshot recently, don’t bother with this one. They paid good money for their new set of photos and may not get around to using the gift certificate.


Every actor should look flawless before going into the audition room. Just make sure you get a size that easily fits into a standard purse!


It’s important for actors to continually better themselves through classes and workshops. Warning though: Be careful before offering this gift. Do some research, see which classes have the best reviews, how they compare to what your actor has on their resume (definitely don’t get them something they’ve done before) and make sure the class schedule works with theirs. Not sure what your actor is up to and when they’ll be free to physically go to a class? Kevin Spacey’s MasterClass is a great online resource that they can watch from home at their own leisurely pace.


It is every actor’s responsibility to stay in good shape. Does your actor already go to a specific gym or has one in their neighbourhood? Then that’s the one! Make sure you don’t get them a membership to a club across the city, it’s already hard enough to go to the gym as it is!


We hope this list has helped you find the perfect gift for your industry professional. Still looking or have an idea to share with us? Contact us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Happy holidays from all of us at Casting Workbook!

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