New Connect Series: Here’s What You Missed


We have some exciting news: we are releasing a new weekly series entitled “Here’s What You Missed …” From key acting tips to Casting Workbook exclusives, “Here’s What You Missed …” is a bird’s-eye view of top industry news items curated by us, Casting Workbook.

Now, without further adieu, Here’s What You Missed…

Did you know that we have three self-tape studios across North America? If you’re in Vancouver, Toronto or L.A. and have an audition, come check us out: 

Social media popularity can play a crucial role in an actor’s career. Here’s Backstage’s tips on how you can become Instagram famous:

The legendary Robert Redford sat down with Cinemablend to chat about the ever changing landscape of Hollywood. Read the full interview:

Are you an unrepresented actor? Find out how we can help you find an agent and land the role of your dreams:

Having trouble with your Casting Workbook account? Check out our weekly Connect series where we share solutions to some account basics: Have an subject you’d like us to cover? Tweet, Facebook or comment below!

Here’s a fun Casting Workbook fact: every 20 seconds a Casting Workbook member logs into their account. This leads to over 33 million website hits per month! Find out more fun CWB tidbits here:

Actor John Krasinski talks about auditioning for The Office, breaking character and more with NPR. Take a listen here:

That’s it – you’re all caught up for the week. Be sure to check back next week to see what you missed!

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