Andrew Barber – Grand Prize Winner our Leo Awards’ Faux Acceptance Speech Competition

Meet Andrew Barber, the 2016 grand prize winner of our Leo Awards’ Faux Acceptance Speech Competition. Aside from loving and mastering improv, Andrew is a YouTube star with over 2 million collective views.
Andrew sat down with Casting Workbook to talk his passion for comedy, advice for future contestants and of course, Owen Wilson. Take a look:

What was your inspiration for your submission?

Owen Wilson – Why did you focus on him?

Congratulations on winning! How did it feel to be a part of the Leo Awards ceremony?

Aside from winning, what was your most memorable moment of the Leo Awards?

How did you get into comedy?

You’re pretty prolific on YouTube. Any advice for actors trying to hone their self-marketing skills?

What is your future dream role?

Is there any actor that have influenced you?

Any advice for future contestants?

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