Finalists’ Submissions: 2016 Leo Awards Faux Acceptance Speech Competition

This weekend Casting Workbook, along with the 9 finalists of our Leo Awards Faux Acceptance Speech Competition, attended the Leo Awards in Vancouver. It was a 2-day whirlwind, full of great food, great company and most importantly: great laughs.

On Saturday, our finalists’ submissions were screened in front of some of Vancouver’s most elite members of the industry and our grand-prize winner, Andrew Barber, was announced. Congrats to Andrew and all of our finalists!

We wanted to extend a BIG THANK YOU to all the wonderful actors that took part. It is because of YOU that our jobs are so fun!

Now, without further ado, here are their submissions:

Andrew Barber


David C. Jones

Zahf Paroo

Kathryn Masters

Adam Growe

Natasha Gayle

Chris Cope

Briana Rayner

Lisa Michelle

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