Life as a Commercial Actor – Part Two: Exposure

Vancouver-based actor, Brendan Taylor, explores the benefits of commercial work in this 3 part series. Read part one here.

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Doritos “When Pigs Fly” Contest-winning ad, with actor Keegan Turbitt.


I don’t know about you, but when I’m watching TV, YouTube, or at the movies, and I see a friend in a commercial, my first thought is always “Look! It’s my friend! And he/she’s working!” Along with that thought is the fact that everyone else watching that show, video, or in that theatre, saw my friend too. That’s worth something!


You never know who is watching. Even those watching might not realize you’ve seeped into their subconscious. Then you pop up on another commercial and they think: “Hey, it’s that guy/girl from that other commercial!” And the casting director for that show you want to be on happened to be watching TV that night and saw you. “Hmm, maybe I’ll bring in that actor for that role I’m casting”. Might sound far-fetched, but it could very well happen. Any way to get noticed, to get a foot in the door, will help.


Behind-the-scenes on Doritos ‘When Pigs Fly’.

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Local news coverage of Dorito’s spot.


Interview with CBC

Press coverage for Doritos spot.

Press coverage for Doritos spot.

Last year, I said “yes” to acting in an amateur commercial (the ‘Doritos: Crash The Super Bowl’ competition).  I did it for the fun and the experience, as it wasn’t a paid gig. That little commercial, ‘When Pigs Fly’, produced by Graham and Nelson Talbot, went on to win runner-up in the contest, air at the Super Bowl to over 114 million people and win $50,000 for the team. It now has over 1.1 million hits on YouTube and is still used by Doritos to promote their product. That exposure from that Doritos spot has allowed me to stay relevant within the commercial casting and TV/Film communities. Who knows how many other jobs it directly or indirectly helped me book since.

Did you catch it live during the game in 2015?  Watch the winning ad below: 

Watch the live reaction at WPF Headquarters here (catch me at 0:14):


Brendan Taylor is a Vancouver-based actor with extensive experience in commercials, as well as TV, Film, and Theatre. Stay tuned for more info on tips for making the most of your commercial experience, from audition, to set, to final product.

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