A Day in the Life: Get to know Actress Tatyana Forrest

An actor’s life can be a busy one. From auditions to headshots it sometimes seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day! We talked with actress Tatyana Forrest (who stars in the upcoming film, The Evil In Us) about a typical day for her. Check it out:

I don’t really have a set schedule. Every day is different, depending on what’s planned. It’s one of the facets of an actor’s life that I love, I cannot stand routine!Actress Tatyana Forrest

If I don’t have to wake up early, I sleep in as much as I can (which is my little vice 🙂 ).  Once I’m up, I usually have a big healthy breakfast (I truly believe it’s the most important meal of the day) except if I’m performing, I find it difficult to eat right before. This usually happens either before an audition, when I’m due on-set, or even in class. I’ve learned that eating a heavy meal beforehand makes me too comfortable and numb. So, I either wait until afterward or keep it light (which can be difficult on-set because catering is so great!).  I also catch up on some TV shows and check out new Vancouver-shot productions in the mornings.

Actress Tatyana Forrest

Tatyana (second from left) and the cast of “The Evil in Us” at the Vancouver Horror Film Festival.

If I don’t have any auditions, I meet up with my actor friend and partner in crime (Julia Harnett) to run lines. There are always lines to run! We help each other with self tapings or talk about our latest experiences. We also love to discuss films, plays, or performances that have recently impressed us. I prefer to keep anything acting-related between a certain group of people, including my acting coach and agent. I make sure to have regular relationships and conversations with everybody else. I feel that this enriches me with fuller and more genuine life experiences, and connections.
I try to squeeze in some kickboxing classes during the day. I don’t like gyms or yoga (I know everybody will hate me now) but learning and practicing martial arts techniques fit my personality better.

Actress Tatyana ForrestWhen I do have auditions, it’s a bit more hectic. Sometimes I have auditions in different parts of the city, so I try to mix in some meetings and errands. Doing this has helped me plan my day on the go. I never know when the next audition might come through, so I always have my phone charged and within reach. That way my agent can reach me ASAP.  It may be anytime from 10 am to even 9 pm.  I love reading sides right away (even on my phone) to start “marinating” in the new character. Doing this allows me to continue my day, looking at life through the eyes of this new person. I also seek out specific songs for the scenes; it’s a process that helps me a lot.


Actress Tatyana Forrest

Tatyana and Julia reading lines.

If I have a free evening I might go see a play or a movie (I actually love watching movies by myself sometimes) or live bands. I also try to catch up with friends – just go out and have fun. My friendships are very important to me because I don’t have any family in Vancouver. I always try to find time for my friends.

I love to unwind with a good film or a book. I have a never-ending list of things I want to watch and read. If I have an audition the next day I won’t go out, I’ll stay in preparing or go run lines with Julia. We found this great 24/7 coffee shop where we usually hole up  until 1 a.m. I’m a crazy night owl, so staying up late is pretty normal to me. I’ll stay up until 5 a.m. if needed.

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