2016 New Year’s Resolutions for Actors

A new year means a new list of resolutions! Before diving into them, let’s just quickly explain why they’re important. The main thing: it’s good to set goals for yourself. Positive affirmation can go a long way in making you more confident in your craft. Don’t squirrel your list of 2016 resolutions away. Bring it out in plain view so that it’s visible at all times. That list will become your best friend reminding you to keep at it.

Without further ado, here are our top ten 2016 resolutions for actors:

1. Go outside your comfort zone.
Try it. Push yourself to audition for that part you’ve always wanted. Exploring outside of what you’re used to can strengthen your talent as an actor. 

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2. Get active.
We know, we know! This is always on the list, but for a good reason. Staying in shape and getting active does wonders for the mind and confidence.


3. Respect yourself.
Sometimes, as an actor, it’s okay to say “no” to a job. This is your career and, like any career, you should, and can, be selective when it comes to building it.


4. Say “yes” more often.
This one is not intended as a contradiction to number 3. Rather, say “yes” more to roles that challenge you. Don’t turn down something out of fear – embrace it!

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5. Create the perfect reel.
Help brand yourself with work that showcases your strengths as an actor. Need help with your reel? We got your back: http://www.castingworkbook.com/pricing_studios.asp

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6. Work harder and smarter.
Study your craft. Take classes. Listen to direction. Once you start putting more work into your career, people will take notice.
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7. Keep your online presence up-to-date.
We live in the digital age and, more than ever, casting directors, agents and production staff are looking towards your social profiles to help them with their decision making. Make it a priority to keep your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Workbook Live site, or what have you, current. Don’t know where to start? Browse the blog for helpful articles!
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8. Create a “dream list.”
Love Brando in The Godfather? Or Streep in The Devil Wears Prada? Whatever your dream roles are, write them down. Refer to this list as inspiration on those days when you need a little push.

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9. Refresh your headshots.
New year = new you! Think about getting new headshots and make 2016 yours. As with your demo reel, your headshot is one of your first impressions and can show what you have to offer.

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10. Do it now!
What’s stopping you? 2016 can be YOUR year – so get going!

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