20 Things An Actor Should Be Posting On Social Media

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Actors regularly ask me what they should be posting on social media. After counting down a few topics to avoid, I always like to mention what you actually want to be posting. It’s a good general rule to stay positive, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

1. Post announcements that you’ve booked a role. Followers and casting directors love this one! Sharing your ups is a powerful way to bond with your followers. Just make sure you’re celebrating, not gloating.

2. Post project information. Help your followers get excited about your newest role! If you’re working on a project currently in production, it’s usually best to get permission before posting text or photos.

3. Post genuine responses to your followers. Take a cue from Arrow’s Stephen Amell, and respond to your followers like you’re actually talking to them face to face. Do this as often as you can, and your fans will start to feel seriously bonded.

4. Always share projects you’re interested in, but not necessarily working on. We can’t always be working, but it’s important to support projects that inspire you. Maybe a friend or cast-mate is working on something cool, or there’s a rumor about a new show coming to shoot in your city. Sharing other projects adds diversity to your feed and keeps things interesting!

5. Post in the name of quality, not quantity. Mean Girls called it “word vomit”, and that’s not far off. Choose your posts wisely, and keep them on brand. If you’re not sure if a post is a good idea, go to your favorite actor’s Facebook page and think to yourself, “would they share this?”

6. Post photos that inspire you. Share photos of something that inspires you, motivates you, or even frightens you! The trick is to keep everything related to acting. Relate that photo to your process, fears or goals and you’re good to go.

7. Post your favorite practice tips. Your fans may be other actors, or fans that are looking to feel closer to you. You can approach both by sharing your process with character building, script memorization, or whatever you want. Even if a fan isn’t an actor, knowing the way you work allows them to feel closer to you.

8. Post your favorite actor apps. Maybe you’ve got a new favorite, or some old faithful apps. Either way, share what you use!

9. Post a glimpse into your life outside of acting. Maybe you’ve taken part in an event, did some charity work or have something else to add to your brand as an actor. Just don’t post anything unprofessional!

10. Post reminders of how far you’ve come. Fans and colleagues love a good journey story. We all start from somewhere, so why not share yours? This makes you more relatable, and inspiring to those who may be struggling or just starting out.

11. Post something funny. If you don’t have comedic tendencies, try sharing something from another page to get laughs rolling. When you’re sharing another comic’s work, make sure you listen or read it all to make sure the material isn’t offensive.

12. Post something trendy. There’s always something being pushed by pop culture, so start a discussion around it. Maybe you’re all about video game or comic adaptations, documentaries or streaming apps. Whatever it is, tell us about it!

13. Post something inspiring. Everyone has days when they need a little extra inspiration. What gets you revved up to act? It could be a person, place, feeling or something in between.

14. Post support of other actors. We catch more flies with honey than vinegar, so try to be supportive of fellow actors. It doesn’t matter if you’ve worked with them or you just want to shout out kudos for a great performance; what goes around comes around.

15. Post fitness stories. Jake Gyllenhaal recently bulked up for his role in Southpaw, which was an extreme transformation. Sharing stories about how you physically prepare for roles can be very engaging, especially if it was a challenging experience.

16. Post industry news. There will be days that you don’t have personal news you want to share, and that’s totally fine. Try sharing news about projects in your city, or something that appeals to you on a personal level.

17. Post event photos. If you’ve been to a cast party or another event, share some photos! Just be careful that what you’re sharing is appropriate content. When in doubt, wait to post until the next day.

18. Post links to your blog posts. If you write an actor’s blog, always share links to your content on your social networks. If you don’t have one of your own, try asking a fellow actor to do a guest post on theirs. The more you expand your professional network, the better.

19. Post conversations that encourage interaction. Posting questions is an easy way to jump start conversation with followers. Try posting a news item about something relevant to the industry, and ask your followers what they think. This is also an opportunity to interact with them in your comments, so this kind of posting is not a “set it and forget it” type of thing.

20. Post lists. The social media generation loves a good list. They’re easy to read, and you can create them in different ways. Keep in mind, you may have to format your content for each of your social media networks.

No matter what you choose to post, make sure your social network is true to you as an actor. Think of it this way: every post, tweet or Instagram photo represents you. What would a casting director see when they look at your Facebook page? Positive public perception increases your hireability as an actor, so always keep that in mind while creating your public image.

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