10 Things Actors Should Never Post On Social Media

10 things to never say on social media actors casting workbook

I often hear actors wondering about how to craft their social media presence. Using social media as self marketing is not always easy, but it’s crucial. As actors, you are your own best promotional tool, so take advantage of social media as often as you can. It can be tough to know what to post, especially when we want to stay relevant.

We know casting directors often check social media accounts of auditioning actors, so it’s always worth considering: “would I want a casting director to see this?”

1. Never complain that you didn’t get cast. The decision may have been up to production, or maybe you just weren’t right for the part. No matter what happened, casting director’s won’t appreciate messages to that effect. If you’re thinking of listing the reasons why you should have been hired on Twitter, resist.

2. Never take and upload photos of your wardrobe or set without permission. Social media is fantastic for sharing news that you’re on a really cool set, but don’t put your role in jeopardy! Actors must be careful about what they upload, or risk the wrath of production.

3. Never complain about your production or cast members. Even if a fellow actor does something silly on set, keep criticism to yourself. Nobody’s perfect, and it’s best to avoid sharing that sort of thing in a public arena.

4. Never send passive aggressive tweets. Also known as “sub tweeting”, this happens when you’re responding to someone but don’t“@” tag them. This comes off as passive aggressive, and is best to avoid. A recent example of this is Katy Perry recently tweeting in reference to Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj.

5. Never upload party photos. Everyone loves a good party snap, but separating your private and personal life on social media is essential. Use a private page for your off duty life, and a Facebook fan page for your work.

6. Never let narcissism take over. Step away from the selfie, and back away from the constant updates about… you guessed it… you! Running social media accounts for personal marketing can be a tight rope walk. The best pages and accounts have a mix of industry news, shares from cast and other collaborators, as well as your own career news.

7. Never post negative industry commentary. It’s healthy to be critical, but think carefully of what you’re saying before you publish anything negative on your social networks. Make sure you’re not insulting or alienating your audience (or casting directors!), and try to put a positive or hopeful spin on anything you end up posting.

8. Never post “sexy” photos. Put your shirt back on! Being body positive is awesome, but you’re more than the sum of your parts. Let your talent be the first thing that casting thinks of when they hear your name, not a revealing photo.

9. Never post loaded topics. I usually use the parent’s dinner table rule: if I wouldn’t bring this up with my mom and dad, it’s probably best to leave that as an offline conversation. Stick to inclusive conversations that lead to positive discussions.

10. Never post anything written in haste. It can be hard to hesitate before we pull the social media trigger, but you’ve got to! Even if you delete that tweet, the wayback machine still exists. Never forget that the internet is forever.

Spiderman’s Uncle Ben once said “with great power comes great responsibility”. This couldn’t be truer for an actor’s social media. Social sharing has the power to create careers, so be mindful of what you’re publishing. You never know who will end up reading it!

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