All About Workbook Live

workbook live site for actors freeAs an actor, you should have a Workbook Live page.

The best part is, if you’re a member of Casting Workbook, it’s free.

Workbook Live is a free hosted webpage, that is very easy to use. Workbook live provides a free personal actor’s website, including a personalized URL, which you can create yourself without any technical knowledge. Use this page to create a free website to display your demo reel, headshots, resume and biography, and make it easier for Casting Directors and Agents to find you. We’re here to get you working!

Workbook Live’s interface has been created for ease of use – you can select everything on one page. Adjust your site URL, photos, site layout theme, and your name on a single page.

The screen capture below spotlights the layout. If you need help, Casting Workbook’s support staff are always here to help.

free workbook live actors website

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