How To Use Instagram As An Actor


how to use instagram for actors 2Instagram is the fastest growing app globally, eclipsing Facebook and Twitter in popularity with teens and young adults. As an actor, consider Instagram essential to your personal branding journey, and allowing both casting directors and fans to get to know the person behind the actor’s persona.

  1. Don’t overdo the selfies. Selfies may be the cornerstone of the Internet right now, but don’t get too caught up in the madness. If you find yourself publishing too many selfies (and aren’t already Internet famous), you will find yourself losing followers. Keep a balance of all styles of content, including selfies, and you’ll begin to build a base of Insta followers. Not sure how to take a great selfie? Learn how!
  2. Make quality photos. If you’re not super photo savvy, first learn the ABC’s of taking a good photo. Avoid super grainy dark photos, which may be a side effect of snapping in low light with an older smartphone. You can adjust brightness and other effects inside of Instagram, but that doesn’t guarantee a usable shot. When in doubt, hold off on the image.
  3. Take photos with your phone camera. Taking photos in Instagram causes your phone’s shutter speed to slow down slightly, so take photos with your normal phone camera, and import them into Instagram afterwards.
  4. Don’t let your filter drag you down. If you have a dark photo, try not to filter your photo too dark. The same goes with a lighter photo, unless that is the effect you’re going for. Just make sure that your audience can figure out what they’re looking at.
  5. Be inspiring. Even if you’re going about your typical audition process and running errands, show followers how hard you work, and how you stay positive in time when you may be facing rejection.
  6. Show your lifestyle. Don’t always make your photos about work; try to mix it up with your private life, but keep it professional. Anything you publish should be fit to viewing my any future casting directors.
  7. Use hashtags! This is how your community finds your photos, before they’re following you. It’s important to include a variety of hashtags, but make sure they’re relevant, and don’t use too many.
  8. Be part of the community. Search for similar accounts to comment on, and like photos. This is a great way to get attention to your username, while showing you are supporting the community that you’re in.
  9. Post strategically. Like Twitter and Facebook, timing is important. If you post photos during a time that most of your audience will be awake, chances are more people will see it. The more eyes on your photos, the higher likelihood that you’ll get new followers, likes and comments.
  10. Use accompanying Instagram apps. Accompanying apps like VSCOcam and InstaSize are great companions to Instagram. Just in case you’re not familiar, VSCO offers more subtle and refined filter styles, and InstaSize allows you to upload rectangular photos to Instagram, if you prefer that style (Instagram only does square format photos). For more advanced users, try the Photoshop app.

Like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is about finding your niche. Experiment with photo taking techniques, filter styles and hashtags. Before long you’ll find what you like, and then all you have to do is keep taking photos. Try to post at one to two photos every day to start.

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