10 Awesome Apps For Actors

10 awesome actor apps

Apps have become essential to an actor’s daily life. From memorizing lines to making it to scheduled auditions on time, apps simplify individual tasks, which makes your entire day a little less stressful. These ten apps will serve to simplify your life, as you prepare, travel and process your day.

  1. Rehearsal 2 ($22.99). This is the go-to app for learning your lines. You can also organize scripts for auditions while working on set for maximum preparedness.
  2. iPerform ($9.99). Track auditions, bookings, industry contacts, expenses, mileage, and more. Think of this app as a digital assistant.
  3. Speakeasy Voice Recorder ($1.99). Record yourself to measure tone and delivery, record memos, reminders, and even entire scenes to prepare for an audition.
  4. Scene Partner (Free). Memorize lines , rent digital scripts, upload scripts to your personal library, customize scripts, and digitally highlight scripts at your leisure.
  5. Actor Genie ($4.99). Get the inside track on what’s casting in L.A. and NYC, featuring original content written by famous actors like Mark Ruffalo, Elle Fanning, Kerry Washington and more.
  6. ProPrompter ($9.99). Created by a professional teleprompter, this app allows you to read a smooth scrolling teleprompter. Control fonts, font sizes, background, and more.
  7. iMDB (Free). Have the world’s largest collection of movie data at your fingertips. This is a great app for looking up a production, cast, and even casting directors.
  8. Wunderlist (Free). Get control of your ideas, share your lists, and make sure you don’t forget anything important during your day to day life.
  9. Google Maps (Free). Whether you’re in a familiar city or a completely new environment, Google Maps will keep you from losing your way from audition to audition.
  10. Hootsuite (Free). Keep track of your social networks on the go in one spot with Hootsuite. They’ll also give you handy analytics, so you can see which updates were your most popular!

Additional apps worth mentioning include VSCO Cam for filtering your selfies, Urbanspoon for finding a local eatery you haven’t tried before, and Netflix to entertain yourself while waiting for transport between auditions. Once you add any of these apps for actors, you’ll wonder how you got on without them!

What are your favourite actor apps?

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