How To Create An Actor Facebook Page

how to create a facebook page for actors2

Facebook is an actor’s frontier. From having access to fans, being able to share news, roles, performance photos and more, a Facebook page is an ideal blend of career storytelling, and interaction with your audience.

To run a successful actor’s Facebook page, keep content professional, and cool. These fans may start out with your friends and family, but as your career develops, your fanbase will include many types, from viewers of productions you have been on, to curious casting directors, wondering who the actor is behind the set cosmetics.

These are the basics to running a successful actor’s Facebook page:

  1. Be professional. Pretend your Facebook page is a digital resume, with every statement you make potentially seen by a future casting director. Keep things positive, and you’ll keep yourself safe.
  2. Be personable. Keep yourself likeable! Nobody wants to follow someone who has a bad attitude. Remember, it’s very easy to de-fan, so have a likeable persona and watch your numbers grow.
  3. Share regularly. If you’re going to have a Facebook page, make sure you post at least a few times a week. Whether you’re sharing photos from a wrapped shoot or just shooting the breeze with your fans, making time for updates is paramount to creating an interesting, lively page.
  4. Share a lot of images. Fans love photos, so try and share a lot of them! Try your best to keep photos of higher quality, even if you’re using a lower-res shot from a smartphone. If you can’t tell who is in the shot or if the photo is at a bad angle, you may be doing yourself a disservice by posting it.
  5. Share videos whenever you can. Videos of your dog don’t count, unless they’re a member of the cast, that is! If you grab a quick video of yourself with another actor or create an actor’s video diary, you’re giving your audience another way to get to know you better.

Consider those five tips your fundamentals to building an actor’s fan page. If you’re thinking that those can’t be all there is to know, that’s right – there are five more to ensure your success.

  1. Interact with your audience. This may seem like a given, and it’s definitely easier in the beginning. The trick is to maintain a connection while your fanbase grows. Even Stephen Amell (he plays Arrow on the CW) appears responding to fans in huge comment threads. It’s up to you how often you comment, but just make sure you do.
  2. Learn how to take a good selfie. It’s actually important! If you need some direction, we have you covered.
  3. Post a proper bio. If you aren’t confident with your biography writing skills, or prefer to have another write your bio for you, get help from a friend, or find a local biography specialist to help you write it. If you’re writing it yourself, remember to keep it simple.
  4. Include your awards. If you’ve gained recognition from your performances, be sure to include them. Just like any resume, your Facebook page should include these career highlights.
  5. Link to your website. This is an important one! Your website features your top achievements on an easy to navigate page. Make sure casting directors can find your demo reel and head shots easily, by linking to your website. Don’t have one? Casting Workbook members get a free Workbook Live page, which allows you to post your resume, biography, photos and demo reel.

That was easy!

Once you’ve completed these ten steps, you’re set! While you may be really excited to have your actor’s fan page up and running, make sure to not overload your audience with updates. Upload your content, and keep updates at a steady level – whatever fits with your schedule.

If you’re worried about not having time to update your page or forgetting, you can schedule Facebook posts ahead of time. If you’re scheduling content, don’t go too far in advance, or your update may become out of date by the time it’s posted!

Need some examples? Take a look at Stephen Amell, Salma Hayek Pinault, or Misha Collins. All three have very different audiences, and manage their pages in different ways.

Happy Facebooking!

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