9 Tips To Prepare Your Child’s Acting Resume

9 Tips To Prepare Your Child's Acting Resume

By Casting Workbook

From photo tips to what skills are best to include, we cover it all.

  • It's Time To Push Your Child's Talents!

    By Casting Workbook

    Can they cry at a moment's notice, play a sport really well, or win a public speaking contest? Make sure you highlight their unique skills.

  • Do They Have Specialized Abilities?

    By Casting Workbook

    Can they horseback ride, know karate, or can they do magic tricks for a crowd? Share what makes your child different.

  • Can They Sing And Dance?

    By Casting Workbook

    Can your child sing, dance, or do both? Be sure potential casting directors know about these skills.

  • Have They Won Awards?

    By Casting Workbook

    Have they been a public speaking school finalist, talent show winner or gymnastics award winner? Let us know!

  • Is Your Child Socialized?

    By Casting Workbook

    Are they comfortable around strangers, can they play with other children, can they understand commands and requests? This helps share how hirable your child is.

  • Keep Your Child's Headshot Background Clean

    By Casting Workbook

    Make sure the focus is on your child, not a busy background!

  • Show Their Emotional Range In Headshots

    By Casting Workbook

    Smiling is great, but make sure you include a range of emotions they are capable of.

  • Don't Use A Low Resolution Headshot!

    By Casting Workbook

    Avoid photos that are grainy, small, or cropped from family photos. You are showcasing your child, so make sure their headshots are of high quality.

  • Make Sure You Frame Your Child Well

    By Casting Workbook

    Full body shots are fine, and shots showing your child from the waist up are also acceptable, just make sure their face is clear, and easy to see.

Often, parents have children that are just starting out in the industry, and they are wondering how they can help their children break into the industry. Typically, these kids have few acting credits, so it’s hard to know what to include, in order to fill up a resume.

It’s important to help your child stand out. Since every child has different talents, ask yourself “what does my child do that can be adapted to film and television?”. Break their talents down in organized sections, and remember to keep their skills relevant to acting – your kids may have a talent for stomping insects, but that may not translate well on film.

Take a look at the below example, and look at how the resume is formatted. Just make sure you use point form, and list everything they’ve ever done, and make sure every credit should have a simple title, with a short explanation.  The point is for casting directors to be able to skim their information, and know quickly if your child matches what they are looking for.

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