Shout out to an amazing client!! – Christopher Tyson

Christopher TysonAt Casting Workbook, we love to hear what our clients have been doing and how their careers have progressed.  Through our social media pages, we’ve been able to keep up with those who are working more and more, and we’re excited to see that so many people are gaining experience all over the place.

We’re going to start giving a monthly shout-out to those clients who have made achievements either personal or in furthering their careers.  This month, we’ve chosen the hard working Christopher Tyson from Montreal, who has worked on some awesome projects this summer.  What stood out to us about Christopher is his determination to get back in the game when he thought his acting career was over.  His incredibly positive attitude and hard working nature has made this past summer a huge success, and we happy to have been part of it!

Here’s a bit about Christopher…Christopher Tyson

From an early age, Christopher knew he wanted to become an actor. In high school, he headed straight for the drama program and enrolled for training with Kids in Action Theater. He auditioned and landed the role of David in DAVID AND LISA confirming his love for acting.  But by the age of 22 Christopher had found himself in the trap so many actors fall into. He had a full time job and decided to leave acting and pursue his career in retail management.

In December 2012, Christopher realized he missed acting and decided he was going to take the risk and get back into the career he loved. He got his pictures done, launched his own website, joined all the social media networks, and took all the workshops he could find to brush up on his skills.  He started doing background work, student films, and indie films to gain experience. While doing background work on a big feature film during the summer, was chosen to be a photo double for one of the characters, which he says was a fantastic learning experience.

Christopher took part in his first showcase out in Los Angeles in late September and when he returned he decided to take advantage of a special promotion Casting Workbook was offering to upgrade his profile in October. A few weeks later was contacted by Lorna Sandler at CMJ Casting to audition for a television docu-drama called A STRANGER IN MY HOME where he landed his first ACTRA role as Drew Pyeatt, which was shot at the end of October and now currently airing on the Slice Network.  He was then asked to photo double on another feature being shot and just finished an ad campaign for Amnesty International. He did a small part on the new television show 19-2 and has just recently signed with the Sybille Sasse Agency, All in a matter of 2 months!

In spring 2014, he will begin filming as Tyler Rydell in the sci-fi BETWEEN TWO PLANES. A story he co-wrote  about the bond that two brother’s share, who have only known tragedy their whole life, and have only each other.

Congrats Christopher!  We’re so happy to hear of your recent success.  Keep on keeping on! J

Do you have someone you’d like to nominate for next months shout-out?  Comment below with a link to their Facebook page, Twitter handle or personal blog, and we’ll take a look!  Or, if you’re prefer, you can PM us through our facebook page.

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