Can I have more than one Agent?

The simple answer the question ‘Can I have more than one Agent?’ is “Yes.”  The more complicated answer is “Only under certain circumstances.”

Having two agents, or even more, is pretty common nowadays, especially with successful actors who can work all around the world.  But there are several things to keep in mind when signing with more than one agent to ensure you’re not in breach of your contracts.

1.)  Make sure they represent you for different types of roles.  If you have two principal agents working in the same city submitting you for the same roles, then you’re probably going to get into trouble if you book anything.  If both agents submitted you for a project then they can both demand commission without having to split it.  Have a principal agent, an extra agent and commercial agent separately, and make sure they know that they’re only responsible for submitting you for the one type of role.

2.)  If they’re both representing you for the same type of role, they shouldn’t be in the same city.  It is common to have an LA agent and a Vancouver agent, or Vancouver and Toronto, but make sure they know about each other.  It’s possible for agents in one city to submit you for roles in another, so you need to make sure they know not to double submit you.

3.)  Make sure they know about each other.  They don’t need to know details, but you don’t want to get into any trouble with two agencies thinking they got you the same part.  And it might happen that they have to work together to get you a big part.

4.)  Don’t make them compete.  Your agent should be focused on submitting you for the right roles, and not getting frustrated with a lot of back and forth.  If you’re unhappy with your agent, leave them and look for a new one.  But never play them against each other.  You might end up losing them both.

5.)  Did you just find a new agent but are still signed with an old one?  Make sure you’re aware of the contract you signed with your old agent.  Sometimes, there is a 30 day notice of termination clause built in.  This means if you’re leaving one agent, they have a legal right to be part of any work you do for the next 30 days.  Your new agent can either wait until this is done, or be aware that anything you book technically belongs to your old agent.

6.)  Double check that you haven’t signed an exclusivity clause with any of your agents.  This should have been a big deal when you were signing with them.  This means you’ve promised only to work with the one agent for all your role types and areas.  This is not always common anymore, but it’s always a good idea to check.

So yes, you can have more than one agent as long as they don’t overlap.  They need to be separated by city, or type of role.  It’s always a good idea for them to know about each other to stop from accidentally encroaching on each other’s territory.  Your agent is there to help you get roles, so you should want to help them as much as possible by not making it harder to do their jobs.

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