Facebook Promotion Winner JOANNA HAUGHTON

Joanna Haughton

Congrats to Joanna Haughton for winning our Facebook promotion!  She won a free Premium Account for a year!

On her website, Joanna describes herself as a “butt kicking actor with a penchant for science fiction”.  In other words, a “kick-ass nerd”.  Not only that, she also has a degree in political science, so watch out for this multi-talented actor!

Joanna has a plethora of film, commercial, theatre and music video credits.   Some of which include: horror feature “A New Design”, comedy drama “Half a Person”, TV series “Memes in Motion” and webseries “Posthuman”.

She also just recently completed an action short that allowed her to work with seasoned stunt coordinator and performer Neil Davison.  She was able to master the low high fall stunt, and looks forward to using some of her kung fu and stunt training in future projects.

Coming out next year, Joanna is the lead in the feature film “Swing”, where she plays a woman in the midst of relationship issues, who decides to swing with another couple.  You can view the teaser trailer for this off-beat, contemplative dramedy here: www.youtube.com. Keep an eye out for this project in 2014.

Other projects slated for next year include a feature length horror film, a short film and possibly more than one web series, but there’s no public information yet on these projects.

Not only an actor, Joanna is also a producer.  “Synchronicity” is a soft sci-fi project along the lines of primer, boasts a predominantly female cast, and has LGBTQ themes.  It features a struggling photographer Lou, whose life seems to have hit a serious rut, and Alan, an arrogant physicist who claims to have solved the time travel paradox.  What would you change if you could time travel to your past?


They are working on securing the last of their funding through their Indiegogo campaign which can be found here www.indiegogo.com, and the official website for the project can be found here www.synchronicityfilm.ca.  Make sure to check them out!

On her official site, (joannahaughton.com), Joanna has a blog that boasts some of her unique humor, and keeps you up to date on her current projects.  You can also follow Joanna on Twitter @JoannaHaughton or like her on Facebook /JoannaMHaughton.

Joanna is represented by Hines Management in Toronto.Joanna Haughton

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