Making the Most of your Casting Workbook Profile

Casting WorkbookIf you’re a client of ours, then you probably have an actor profile on Casting Workbook.  If you do, did you know you have full access to your account even if you have an agent?  It’s surprising how many people we talk to don’t realize that.  You can easily access your information and keep your profile up to date.  Whether you’re with an agent, or you’re self represented, it’s important to keep your information as current as possible so that Casting Directors can properly consider you for roles.

If you have an agent, then they will be doing some updating of your account.  They will add your resume credits as they come, and switch out your headshots if they need to be switched.  If you work outside of what your agent gets you, or have several agents that don’t always update your resume in sync with one another, it’s important to learn how to do it yourself.

When you signed up for your account, you were given a Workbook ID and Passcode.  Visit & click LOGIN.  If you don’t remember this information, don’t worry, we can help you get it back.  Just send us an email or give us a call.

There are a few things you have control over that are important to keep up to date.

Resume: You have the ability to update your credits faster than anyone else.  Your agent works with a lot of other clients, and sometimes it can take time for them to update your resume.  Our offices can do it for you, but there can be a 1-2 day wait depending on the volume of emails we get.  With this said, it’s something that you can do it in seconds. Click here for info on how to format your resume.

Headshots: It’s important to keep these up to date.  If you don’t look like your headshot, then you’ll stopped getting called in for the right roles.  Like your resume, getting us or your agent to do it for you can take time, whereas you can do it immediately. Click here for information about how to organize your headshots.

Profile: On your profile, you can update everything from your union status to your address.  Most of the information on your profile will remain personal if you have an agent, as their information will show instead of yours.  But keep your height, weight and hair colour up to date.  Also, it is important to update your email address as it is the way we contact you to remind you of invoices outstanding, or to inform you of promotions.

These are just the three main areas on your profile to keep up to date, but there are lots of other things that your profile can do for you, whether you have an agent or not.  Here are some things you might not realize you’re capable of with your account.

Casting WorkbookWorkbook Live: Everyone with a Casting Workbook profile has the ability to create a personalized public website that you can use however you want to promote your career.  Whatever headshots and resume are uploaded onto your profile, you can set to make publicly viewable on this site.  With several professional templates to choose from, it’s a quick and effective way to give yourself an online presence.  Click here to view our article about using your Workbook Live site.

Send Materials: The ‘Send Materials’ function on your account has been set up so that you can easily send your information out to whomever needs to see it.  With a couple of quick clicks, you can send out a properly formatted email with your headshots and resume, and links to your demo reel if you want.  Use this function to submit yourself for projects not on Casting Workbook, or to agencies when you’re looking for representation.

Submitting yourself for projects:  If you’re represented by an agent, then they’re probably doing most of your submissions for you.  It’s important to know that there are some projects you can submit yourself for.  On your account, under Breakdowns and then Film and Television, you can see a list of projects open for you to submit yourself.  Simply click on the blue submit button, and then follow the steps.

*It is important to understand that as a self-represented client, there are breakdowns that you cannot see, or submit yourself for.  This is because Casting Directors have chosen to work exclusively with agents, and have asked us not to make the breakdowns public.  There is no way to change this, and no higher fee to pay in order to see more breakdowns.

We also wanted to make sure you understood who can view your profile.  Casting Workbook is a carefully monitored and password-protected website. Casting directors and talent agencies must apply for access by showing that they belong to recognized industry associations and/or providing industry references. Only registered casting directors and your agents can view your portfolio materials. Information on Casting Workbook is not viewable by members of the general public.  If you’re represented by an agent, only your agents information is viewable to Casting Directors and Producers.

If you are not represented, then you will be listed as Talent Scout.  This will list you as self represented, while allowing agents to view your profile if they’re looking to sign people to their roster.

All of this information is in the help section of your profile if you need it.  There are a number of help videos in the help section of your profile.  They were created to walk you through, step by step, the process of updating every aspect of your profile.  We strongly suggest giving them a quick watch, as they will answer most of your questions.

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