Workbook Live

Workbook LiveHave you started your Workbook Live site yet? If you have an account with Casting Workbook, then you have the ability to create a Workbook Live site.

We have been asked over the years how our clients can send out their information publicly, like a link on the bottom of an email.  Since your Casting Workbook profile is private, there isn’t a way to allow for public access.  But with Workbook Live, there is!

Workbook Live is a public, personalized website that you can easily create using all the information on your profile, and more.  There are a bunch of templates to choose from and a few options to help you make it the way you want.  Just log onto your account, click on ‘View Your Website’ under the Workbook Live section of your homepage (located on the bottom right), and off you go!  You can display your resume, biography, photos, and even a demo reel, making it extremely easy for producers, casting directors, and agents to find you.

Important note: You only get one opportunity to change your web address.  As you click on ‘View Website’, it will take you to another page.  On this page, at the top of all the options, you can change the web address.  This is the only time you can do this.  In the future, it will be permanent!

Before you start, make sure you view the help video in the help section of your Casting Workbook profile.  It will walk you through how to easily create your site.

You can even teach Google to recognize your site when someone searches your name.  This won’t happen automatically.  Google searches by links, so the more times your site is linked around the web, the higher up on the list it will appear.  So start sharing your website on social media, add it to the bottom of comments you make, and ask us to tweet it for you.  Soon, it will appear when people search your name.

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