Always Look at both the Ups and Downs

Always Look at both the Ups and Downs

There’s a lot going on in the North American film Industry right now.  BC is facing a government that’s ignoring their pleas to match competitor tax incentives.  Toronto and Calgary both had major flooding shut down numerous productions.  North Carolina continues to bring more and more projects in.  Both good and bad news have been circulating around.  There’s plenty of concern regarding the state of the film industry as a whole, and that concern seems to unanimously overshadow any positive news that may also be coming out.

Los Angeles has always been a sort of iconic center for this global industry.  It’s a buzzing hive of activity that’s been successful for years.  But lately, the steady stream of negative news has invaded L.A. and caused concern as to the future of this massive industry.

Always Look at both the Ups and Downs

On July 5th there were several reports stating that the mayor of Los Angeles had declared the lack of film shoots as a Civic Emergency (click here for article).  L.A. has so many stakes in the amount of filming happening on their turf that reports like this tend to cause some panic.  It doesn’t help matters when heavy hitters like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas talk honestly about their worries of an industry ‘implosion’ happening sooner rather than later (click here and here for those articles). But it’s so easy to get all wrapped up in the bad.  The news headlines have a tendency to focus on what is going wrong and not necessarily what’s continuing to improve.

On July 2nd, The LA Daily News reported an on-location filming increase of 8.6 percent during the second quarter of the year (2013).  This includes all projects physically shooting in L.A.  The percentage was calculated in comparison to the same period of time last year (2012).  Yes, that means compared to last year, LA is seeing substantial growth!!!  It might not be a five-year high, but it is still progress. (Click here for article)

At the same time as the report above came out, The Hollywood Reporter published an article detailing these areas of growth further to help explain why the 8.6 percent increase still has people on edge.  The usually significant Drama Television genre has underperformed.  This scares people into believing that television as a whole is suffering because Drama is such a huge category.  But in reality, the 8.6 percent increase is due to other sub-categories gaining massive amounts of momentum.  Pilots and Online Web Series have shown major growth, and Sitcoms as well are regaining some of their former glory. (Click here to read article)

It’s important to view the industry as a whole when trying to ascertain whether good or bad things are happening.  It’s easy to get all wrapped up in the negative and begin worrying about the future of an Industry so large.  But understanding the sub-categories that are continually expanding will help steer our focus.  We work in an industry that is constantly changing.  There are always going to be areas of declining trends.  But these trends will be met with the trends of the future that will already be expanding radically.

Always Look at both the Ups and Downs

Here’s a short list of some projects that all filmed during this last week in LA to help you remember that things are still happening! (This is not a complete or official list).

Veronica Mars, Dexter, Castle, The Midnighters, London Grammar, Rizzoli & Isles, Criminal Minds, Sons of Anarchy, Inherent Vice, Ammo, Captain America 2, Lost Angels, Hello Ladies, The Ex 7, Happy Ending, Major Crimes, Shifters, The Bridge, Happy Ending, Conviction, Deitrick Haddon, Secret Celebrities, Mission, Back In the Game, VHS 3, Bullet, Leonard, Dancing 9, Shifters, Dogtv, AKA, Wally.

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Ups and the Downs

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