Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of the same questions asked by clients day to day, and we wanted to answer some of the ones that come up time and time again.  If there is something you’ve always wondered about and don’t see answered here, please let us know.  We are always looking for feedback and questions to answer.

How does Casting Workbook work?

Casting Workbook works by being the virtual meeting place of all actors, agent and casting directors.  Casting Directors post their projects, agents can submit to those projects (and sometimes actors as well), and the auditions are set up to see those actors.  It’s all done through the site in one easy flow of information.

Having an actor’s profile with us, it’s important to remember that the profile belongs to you.  You can access your account and make sure your information is up to date.  You can use your account to submit yourself for projects.  You can also use your account to search for agents, and ePitch yourself.  It allows you to build a personal website to help market yourself, and keeps you informed with some industry news.

How do I change my representation on my Casting Workbook Profile?

We have to do this for you.  Whether your adding or deleting, you need to give our office a call and we can quickly switch you over.

Which is the better Casting Workbook profile, the Basic or Premium?

The basic account was designed to be the bare bones of what you need on a profile.  Two headshots and a resume.  It is enough information to submit yourself for projects, or for you agent to use to submit you.  The premium account is for those who have demo reels, multiple looks, and a plethora of information to build a larger profile.  If you’re just starting in the business, the basic account is a good place to start.

How can I upgrade to the premium account?

Just give us a call.  We’ll charge the difference between the accounts, so if you already have a Basic account, it’s only $35+tax.  We can have your account upgraded right away for you if you’re paying with a credit card.

What happens if your membership expires?

If you get that dreaded ‘you have been deactivated’ email, don’t panic!  Your information hasn’t disappeared   All it means is that you cannot access your account, nor can your agent, until a payment is processed.  Give us a call, and we’ll help reactivate you right away.  Don’t sign up for a new account if you’ve ever had an account with us before, it creates duplicates of you, which can be confusing.  Please always call us.

How do I add a voice demo to my account?

To have any media on your account, you must be upgraded to the premium account.  The Basic account doesn’t come with any megabytes for media.  Once you’re on the Premium account, you get 600 megabytes of video/audio and you can upload an MP3 of your voice demo.

How long does it take for Casting Workbook to set up my account?

Depends on your method of payment.  If you pay with a credit card while you’re signing up, then it will be pretty fast.  If you’re sending us a cheque or money order, it won’t be set up until payment is processed.  You won’t get a username and passcode until they payment is processed.

What is the holding fee?

When your account becomes overdue, it doesn’t go inactive right away.  Instead, a $10 fee is applied to the account, which will keeps it open for a few more weeks to give you time to pay.

There are some very helpful videos in the help section of our site to walk you through setting up your profile.  They’re short and easy to follow.  Our office is always happy to help, and we want you to be comfortable using the site to push your career forward.

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