Goodbye to Local Landmark

Local LandmarkThe Granville 7 Cinemas has been through a lot in its many years located downtown Vancouver.  Starting as the small one screen Coronet Theatre, it was expanded to add six more screens in the 1980’s.  Those who know the maze-like 6 floors of the building will not be surprised that it is actually made up of three different buildings.  The original Coronet Theatre, The Vancouver Palm Hotel and the more recently built structure in the middle to bridge them together.  It’s a museum of Vancouver cinema  heritage and boasts the old school art deco designs and oddly hypnotizing carpets.

And the history continues.  It is one of the only theatres left in Canada that boasts opening all six Star Wars movies!  The staff of the theatre created Facebook pages to relive some of the Granville 7 Cinemas.  The History includes celebrity visits, best costume moments, biggest opening events and VIFF memories.

The Vancouver International Film Festival has made its home with the Granville 7 Cinemas for years, and will now have to find alternate locations for its massive list of festival titles.  Losing a theatre with 7 cinemas is going to hit them hard, and with an ever shrinking list of theatres in the city, they’re going to need to spread out more than they ever have before.  The City of Vancouver has seen a shocking number of theatres close recently, including the Denman Cinemas, The Ridge Theatres, Station Square Cinemas, Hollywood Theatre and more.

The closing of the Granville 7 Cinemas has been covered in numerous publications.  Here are a couple to check out:

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So what’s going to happen to this space?  The city has graded most of the facade of the old Coronet Theatre and the Palms Hotel as heritage sites, but that will be the only portion of this old theatre still standing when it’s developed into retail space.  There’s also some debate over the neon signage, and currently the talk is to re-do the neon in a more modern, echo friendly way mimicking the original style of the Granville 7.

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