Worksafe BCWorksafe BC has made an amendment to the Loan-Out-Company guidelines for the Film and Television industry.  You might not be covered!

Please take the time to look at your status with WorksafeBC to make sure that you’re always covered when on set.  If you are working as a loan-out company, you may not be covered by production.  As well, if you are an indivdual working in a key role (like the star of the show), you also may not be covered.

The WorksafeBC Form puts it like this, ‘if it were not for the individual’s company, would the individual be viewed as an employee of the production company contracting with his or her company?’

Always make sure you are covered.  The production company you work for should be able to tell you where you fall in terms of coverage through the production.  You might need to apply for your own coverage through worksafeBC by registering your company and paying our own dues.

Check out this link for further information.  WorksafeBC Guidelines.

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