Film Industry Fights to keep HST

keep HST

HST has been a major ongoing topic of conversation ever since it was forced onto BC residents in 2011, and the general theme has been public outcry.  But behind the general public is the film Industry, which has been one of the few industries to see immediate and constant benefit of the HST.  While is would not be argued that the way the HST came about felt a little underhanded, we cannot ignore the fact that our industry has been positively affected by its presence.

The HST has allowed BC to stand in constant competition to the recent improvements in tax credits of other popular filming locations, especially Toronto.  With the BC government currently refusing to match other tax credit incentives, there was a fear that the Vancouver film industry would suffer.  But the HST kept us at par with our competitors.

And now comes the fight against HST.  Because of the benefits to our industry, the Motion Production Industry Association of BC (MPPIA) is lobbying to keep the HST.  In an article published in the Vancouver Courier, MPPIA estimates that ’20 per cent of jobs in the film Industry will be lost if the HST is repealed.’

We are also the Industry that benefits from the Canadian dollar being low.  It feels like BC in general wants to dollar to be high, and the HST to be gone.  We want the dollar low (or lower than the US), and the HST to stay right where it is unless the BC government is willing to do something about our outdated Tax Incentives.  While we are just one industry, we are by no means small.

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